Apparel Services

Screen Printing

Standard Inks.

  • 1-7 bold colors on any garment
  • We can mix any color you need including  Pantone Colors

Soft Inks.

  • Soft additive added to the inks to achieve a very soft hand feeling
  • Available on light garments only
  • We can mix any color you need including Pantone Colors

Simulated Printing Process.

  • Up to 7 colors


Standard Embroidery.

  • High quality, professional looking garments can be produced on our automatic, high-speed embroidery machines.
  • Yields Vibrant, Professional Quality Stitching
  • Embroider on any color garment
  • Price: Less Expensive to More expensive, depending on the stitch count

Satin Stitch Embroidery.

  • The higher the stitch count, the more expensive the embroidery will be. High stitch count/Satin finish embroidery tends to be characterized by the majority of the area of the design being filled in with stitches.

Puff Embroidery.

  • Puff embroidery is created by stitching over thin, flexible foam. The machine needle penetrates the foam as the satin stitches cover and encase a precise shape. This raises the design, completely hiding the base fabric and making the embroidered areas stand out. The excess foam is gently torn away when the design is completed.

Direct to Garment

Full color on light shirts.

  • 14 x 16 max print size
  • Does not print white ink so only works on light colored garments.

Full color on dark shirts.

  • 14 x 16 max print size
  • Does print white ink so will work on all garment colors.


Screen Printed Garment Tags

Need a custom looking garment and can’t afford to have it done from the manufacturer? We will remove the manufactured sewn in tag & replace it with a screen printed 1 color design on the inside of the shirt. Keep in mind that some brands work better with Tag Removal than others. We recommend American Apparel, Gildan, and Alstyle.

When doing printed tags on white shirts you run the risk of the tag showing through the back. We recommend using a light gray ink when printing on white shirts to help prevent this. Note: Hanes and Alternative Tees may not work for tag removal.

*Minimum of 12 garments per shirt size. Example Small-12 Medium-12 Large-12 XL-12


Tag Print Pricing

  50-199 200+
Screen Printed $1.00 $0.75
Tag Removal $0.50 Per Shirt                $0.30 Per Shirt
Set Up Fee $25 Per Size  
Ink Color Change Per Size                 $15 Per Color