UNO Printing Co. has recently opened a new location in Saskatoon to better serve the clients of this community and surrounding area's. Our mission has always been to promote and support our clients by providing more value. Saskatoon's location is no exception, sourced to be a high-traffic downtown retail location allows our apparel/merchandise clients the ability to sell their products on consignment in a physical store. Being in the heart of the city also allows for our "local loyalty program" to be easily accessable to our clients. 

At UNO Printing Co. bad pun's live here, being from Saskatchewan they are en-grained in our company culture. 


Saskatoon feature's a "Boardroom" smack dab in the middle of a mini-ramp and comes with skateboard stools, this is the perfect space to gind out some ideas. 

Born in Regina as an e-commerce brand, Uno Printing Co. has expanded into Saskatoon with a storefront operation. 

“One of the reasons we want this retail location is so that our clients, whether it’s a clothing line or local designers and artists who print with us, can actually have a storefront to showcase their work,” said co-owner Blair Therrien, who left his job as a commercial pilot to join his friend and co-owner Mac Maclean in the world of commercial printing. 

Maclean and Therrien provide the storefront exposure for all their clients in exchange for a transaction fee. 

Printing-wise, the company can do it all, from large format printing like wall and window decals to business cards, posters and apparel. It also offers specialty details like raised foil and offset printing. 

It’s also fairly safe to say Uno is the only print shop in Saskatoon with an inanimate employee — a cactus named Jeff. Maclean chuckles that Jeff is known to be a bit “prickly.”

The focus at the shop is to keep things fun and light. 

“We’re trying to put a new spin on the idea of what a print shop is,” Therrien says.

“Exactly,” agrees Maclean. “I know when you go into print shops it’s basically like a desk where they take your order and customize it. With us we are trying to show more samples by having everything readily available … and even though we are entrepreneurs we don’t work for ourselves, we work for our clients — so we want to make it fun for them.”

The staff can do design work on site, but they also work alongside other design agencies and freelancers to make sure they get their clients’ vision just right. 

“If it needs printing, we can handle it,” Maclean says.

- Erin from The Star Phoenix

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